About Me


IMG_4044Hi my name is Christina Lasky I am a wife, full-time mom since 2009 of two beautiful towheads, and a proud owner of a Tibetan Terrier. Prior to that I was a Retail Professional, with a Bachelor’s degree in Retail Business Management and an Associates degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.  During my college years I worked at several high-end retail stores in sales, where I gained experience in management, and customer service, which laid a solid foundation for me in fashion and business. Upon my graduation I accepted a corporate position in wholesale for 3 years and then decided to change career paths to work in the Human Resources side for 2 years.

When my son was born it was such a happy but very stressful time, as my husband and I were adjusting to new parenthood. I was also trying to take care of my mother who was very ill. Also shortly after having my son I experienced some health issues of my own which led to my diagnosis of having celiac disease. This is when I decided it made most sense to put my career on hold and dedicate my time to my family where I was needed most.

As any parent knows kids can keep you very busy leaving little free time for anything else. Once my 2nd child turned 2 I really struggled with trying to achieve balance in my life. I started to miss working and having something just for me. It was at this time I discovered my love for social media, bodybuilding and fitness. Growing up I never played sports. Aside from trying 1 year of cheerleading, cross country, and a few years of dance I was never active. So when I started working out 2 ½ years ago I was shocked to discover how much I actually enjoyed it.

In between school drop offs, gym, play dates, and other commitments I started following many blogs, tweeting, and posting on Instagram. Which led me to want to start my own blog. Why? As a way to connect with other people with similar interests (fitness, fashion (active wear, legging obsessed), nutrition, gluten free foods, TV/movies, travel and share my life experiences. In hopes of inspiring other I Launched Stilettosnsquats in 2015. My passion for fitness led me to get certified in Personal Training, while I am not actively training clients and I still consider myself a personal trainer in training, I look forward to starting a part-time career in fitness in the near future.

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