10 things that I do everyday that help me maintain a healthy weight that doesn’t involve stepping foot in a gym.

Over the years I have compiled a list from nutritionist, fitness professionals, and celebrity figures that help to motivate and maintain a healthy weight.

There’s something in the air in Hollywood…

Every time I visit the West Coast it is a breath of fresh air for my mind, body, and soul especially while staying in Santa Monica.

If you haven’t tried this workout yet, what are you waiting for?

Let's face it, the gym can be an intimidating place particularly if you are a newbie. Anytime we are trying out something new it can be uncomfortable. That's exactly how I felt when I tried out my first Zumba® class 2 months ago. I was nervous, as I am probably one of the world's worst dancers. What…

Finding your weakest link

Why everyone should take advantage of your complimentary training session at your gym.